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Law Office of Laurie Perozzo, PLLC, in Beaumont, Texas is an experienced Family Law Attorney and handles divorce, child custody, modifications, and any type of case where you find yourself in court with your significant other whether married or common-law married. Are you in the middle of a messy divorce or break up with someone you live with? Laurie Perozzo, Attorney at Law, will help you get results during this very stressful time. Resolve the difficult issues between both parties with us by your side. Our legal team will develop a plan of strategy gathering supportive evidence to get you and your children what you all deserve. Custody battles can be traumatic experiences for you and your children. Trust us to make the process easier. Laurie Perozzo is a caring family law attorney and provides experienced counsel when dealing with cases concerning family issues covering every aspect of your situation to obtain everything needed when your case goes to court.


Representation for a divorce or separation can cost you a lot of money. Choosing an experienced lawyer is the most important choice you make.


Child custody hearings can get nasty quickly. Choosing a lawyer with experience who cares about you and your children is the key.


Knowing the laws in Texas and how much child support your children can get, what other options of income count, and thinking about the future is a must.


Common-Law Marriage is proven in three ways: Tax returns filed as married, announcing a spouse as husband or wife in public, and ??????


Case 1

Divorce settlement for a woman whose husband had hidden bank accounts that revealed infidelity and money she did not know about which awarded her much more in the settlement than she thought she would get. Child support was also more as we discovered ALL the income by not taking his word for it.

Case 2

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